The disclosure describes techniques for collecting quality information about communications that are initiated by activation of navigation elements on a user interface of a user device. The quality information may include user survey data and communication characteristics data. The communication, referred to hereinafter “click-to-communicate”, may include for example, placing a telephone call to a predesignated telephone number (such as “call click”, “click-to-talk” or “click-to-call”), chatting through a chat window (such as “click-to-chat”), texting (such as “click-to-text”), downloading of software programs (such as “click-to-download”), transferring to a webpage (such as “click-to-deep link”), etc. A system collects characteristics of the communication that takes place by activation of navigation elements. Once the communication is complete, the system provides the user with survey questions. The system advantageously gathers the resulting quality information for measurement and analysis of service.

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Creative Commons License
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