Utilizing a Set of Processed First Frames for Expediting the Settling of Image-Processing Settings

Ruiduo Yang
YiChang Shih


This publication describes techniques and processes directed by an image capture manager to hasten the determination of appropriate image-processing settings, such as the “3A’s” (Auto-Focus, Auto-Exposure, and Auto-White Balance), in an imaging device (e.g., a digital camera, a smartphone). The image capture manager can direct an imaging processor (e.g., image signal processor (ISP)) to improve the quality of the image by generating a set of processed first frames and performing object detection on the set to identify an object of interest (e.g., a face). These operations are performed to the end that the object of interest may be identified earlier in the initialization process of the imaging device, and optimal image-processing settings can, consequently, be determined and applied sooner.