A persona-specific ranking model creates a persona-specific profile layer in an operating system of a user equipment device that helps users to prioritize their ongoing activities by explicitly enabling a specific persona profile. A profile (e.g., user profile) can be used to manage a visual display of personal data associated with a specific user or a customized desktop environment. Much like today’s work profile, each persona profile is specific to a user context or activity, such as runner, reader, traveler, studier, house cleaner, philosopher, software engineer, rower, manager, skydiver, parent, and so on. The persona-specific ranking model creates a list of persona profiles suitable to the user based on user features (e.g., user interaction, activities, and priorities) and recognizes when a particular persona is active. A system layer is implemented to enable individual apps to expose information through the persona-specific ranking model, such that the most relevant information to the user’s current activity is prioritized accordingly within any application, including third-party applications. The persona profiles are manually, or autonomously, selectable.

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Creative Commons License
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