A solution is provided to make the role switch of fully wireless earbuds in relay format "seamless." As such, no audio glitch is perceptible when the role switch occurs. When role switch occurs, the first accessory sends all wireless communication profile information to the second accessory. The second accessory can then reconstruct all the profiles used between the first accessory and the host. The first accessory and second accessory will negotiate the exact timing of switching roles, then the first accessory makes sure all the existing audio buffer contents are synchronized with the second accessory. Then role switch occurs, and the first accessory becomes the slave while the second accessory becomes the master. The first and second devices now use the third ACL link for data transfer, instead of the second ACL link. By using the third ACL link, the first and second accessories do not need to do a traditional Bluetooth role switch, thereby avoiding a possibility of audio glitches of approximately 300ms.

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Creative Commons License
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