Users often skip activities that they have scheduled, e.g., workouts, training goals, etc. due to boredom or laziness. One mechanism to encourage users to complete activities is by adding a partner for the activity, e.g., a running partner, a gym buddy, etc. This disclosure describes techniques that enable a user to select and invite a partner when scheduling an activity. The activity can be scheduled based on user preferences, including availability, as indicated by the user’s calendar. Scheduling can be performed in an intelligent manner, e.g., by taking into account each user’s availability, each user’s activity goals, a virtual coach that sets goals for the user, etc. The techniques are implemented with user permission to access user data such as calendar, activity goals, workout history, user’s contacts, location, etc. for the purpose of scheduling an activity together with a contact. Activity invitations are provided to the selected contacts who may accept, decline, or reschedule the activity.

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Creative Commons License
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