Vikas Vashisht


Techniques are described herein for providing telephony users with improved context of the conversation for calls in progress by providing a real-time call transcript as long as the device has access to the call Identifier (ID) / dialog ID of the session in which they are interested. The call ID / dialog ID is shared with other telephony devices for various telephony features such as shared line, barge, transfer, whisper coaching, etc. The call transcript may be passed to a transfer target as the call is transferred for further handling. Moreover, agent calls may be monitored or the transcript of a call may be quickly obtained for the purpose of whisper coaching even if the supervisor joins the conversation late. Also, in shared line use cases, a boss/administrator can examine the call transcript to gather call context, allowing the boss/administrator to understand the conversation thus far before resuming or barging in.

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Creative Commons License
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