This paper describes methods and systems for sharing ads with friends or contacts across multiple platforms. The solution described in this paper provides a straightforward way for users to share ads without relying on other social networking platforms or communication platform mediums (such as email, text messaging apps, among others). The solution also makes ad sharing more personalized as it enables users to choose one or more specific contacts with which to share ads. The system can be configured to insert or otherwise embed an actuable object (for instance, a share object) on the ad. Responsive to a user taking an action on the actuable object, an address bar along with a share button will be provided for display on or near the ad. The user can enter identifying information of one or more contacts with which to share the ad. Examples of identifying information can include email addresses, names, phone numbers, and account names, among others of one or more users with which to share the ad. The ad is then provided for display at computing devices of the contacts with which the ad was shared. The ad can include a share object or an object identifying the user that shared the ad with the contact.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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