This publication describes a method for a firmware developer to push out re-writable (RW) firmware images that support legacy-generation, current-generation, and future-generation boards. To do so, the firmware developer uses a minimum of three (3) 32-bit-writable words that describe a board identifier, herein called BoardID. The BoardID contains three (3) fields, which describe a board type, an inverse of the board type, and flags. This BoardID solution allows the firmware developer to push out RW firmware that are not as universal and global as traditional mass-production firmware images and are not as unique as node-locked firmware images. The firmware developer, using this BoardID solution, may push out firmware updates to a subset of boards. Furthermore, any original device manufacturer (ODM) can support existing RW firmware images using this BoardID solution, while increasing their ability to better-manage future board-development phases.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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