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A voice assistant that guide users with different levels of knowledge through an operation or

repair. The proposed solution is a camera that can be attached to the user’s security glasses or in a headset

that will transmit the Point of View (POV) and receive instructions about what is the next action that the

user needs to perform to complete a given task. A machine learning algorithm is responsible to process all

the data input and give instructions to the user about how to perform an action. The instructions are

transmitted to the user’s ear-piece.

This technology streamlines the maintenance processes and could be used to give instruction to a

user adapting to the current problem. One example of application is the maintenance process of GSB

printers. Currently there is the necessity of knowledge pass from a highly specialized technician (that

sometimes may not be available or is too expensive) to another so it can be capable of fixing a specific

issue. With our technology anyone with minimal training would able to fix almost any issue since it will

be guided through the process by a virtual personal assistant or even a real expert in the subject.

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Creative Commons License
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