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Normally, a printer can have one or more input media rolls with different media types to

simplify customer life. With several media inputs already loaded in the printer, the user can

select which one he/she is willing to use in a simple way, without having to unload and load

another media type.

However, knowing in advance how many rolls are loaded and which media type is rolled in

which media input roll is not an easy task for the printer. Current printer implements this

feature manually. The user needs to select which media is loaded in which media input roll

through the Front Panel or any other input interface.

Do you imagine a scenario where the printer can automatically detect and know which media

type is loaded in which input roll/position?

The present disclosure proposes an intelligent algorithm based on RFID technology to

automatically detect the position of the media loaded without user interaction.

The present disclosure has been investigated and tested in Polestar program.

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Creative Commons License
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