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Exponential growth in computer networks has resulted in a tremendous amount of traffic variability in time scales ranging

from a few milliseconds to several hours. This leads to network traffic congestion which, if persistent, could lead to

significant data losses. Congestion losses cannot be avoided by modest increases in buffer capacity, it requires far more

creative solutions. Missing data points can result in misleading inferences which can, in turn, lead to wrong engineering

and/or business decisions. It is therefore important to identify ways to avoid loss of data packets at the receiving end and

thereby ensuring data integrity. Currently available solutions are based on altering the source transmission protocol which,

as in the case of printers, may not always be possible. We are proposing a solution, that eliminates the need to alter the

source in any way, using a multilevel Producer/Consumer with distributed buffering to consume UDP/TCP packets. Our

solution focuses on making changes at the receiver or destination to handle congestion in transmission of data at a fixed rate.

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Creative Commons License
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