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This invention disclosure proposes a method for generating a reduced size mesh from a printresolution

mesh received in a 3D printer. The 3D printer receives the content to be printed by means

of triangle meshes. To be able to provide the required printing resolution, the number of triangles

conforming the 3D part can be quite high, leading to high memory and processing requirements

when aiming to manipulate the model. Previewing the 3D model of the part on the printer control

panel can lead to a non-responsive User interface and even impact the performance of the printer

firmware because there is no limit specified on the number of triangles that the original mesh can

have. This invention disclosure presents a method to generate a visualization mesh that has a lower

resolution than the original mesh received by the printer. This is accomplished by reducing the

number of triangles in the meshes which allows the control panel of the printer to smoothly display

the original shape and appearance of the 3D parts. In addition to that, these generated meshes will

also be used to create lower size files that can be transferred between units (e.g. Printing Unit, Build

Unit and Processing Station Unit).

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Creative Commons License
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