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In some 3D printers or other Additive Manufacturing technologies, parts are built by adding successive

layers of powder (plastic, metal or other composite materials) from a series of cross sections (slices),

which stick to each other creating the final part’s body.

In some printing solutions these layers are formed on top of a moving platform, in vertical axis. There is

also a scan axis which drops some agents to fuse and define (fusing and detailing agent or binder) the

parts printed through this printing process involving powder, agents and temperature.

All related to keep temperature uniform in X,Y and Z is extremely critical to get good part quality on the

parts printed.

This invention disclosure proposes a method to check the performance of Build Unit heaters as a

diagnostic through Thermocamera sensor.

Finally, we would like to highlight the fact there is no current solution to check the performance of Build

Unit heaters system from thermal point of view except the diagnostic we currently have but focused on

PWM sanity check. This diagnostic may not be robust enough the guarantee right performance of this

subsystem, then may not guarantee good part quality .

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Creative Commons License
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