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It is desirable to from a machine structural point of view to have a front door opening for user

access. It is also desirable to minimise a chambers volume to reduce the consumption of nitrogen for

inerting as well as other reasons. The chamber volume is normally reduced by minimising the height

of the chamber. This introduces a problem for user access for cleaning operations as the top of the

chamber is too low to allow ergonomic regular maintenance activities.

This article introduces a process where an internal skin is included within the chamber. After a build,

the powder settles on this surface. The internal skin can slide out of the chamber for easy access

cleaning or the skin can be taken away from the chamber and replaced with a clean set of skins so

that another job can begin immediately. The dirty skins which were removed from the chamber can

be cleaned at a later time, when operator availability allows it.

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Creative Commons License
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