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A print queue is a list of print jobs held in a reserved memory area. It maintains the status of all

active and pending jobs. A print queue gives users the management capabilities to facilitate

control of print queue operations like pausing, resuming or cancelling jobs. Some print queues

allow users to prioritize print jobs and change the order of the queue.

Jobs in queue can be cancelled by the user at any point of time either before job processing starts

or while job is being processed, etc. Once the job gets cancelled, the cancelled job cannot be

retrieved and added back to the queue. User will have to trigger the same job again to get the

job being completed.

In general, once user triggers a print job to the printer and either by mistake user cancels the

print job instead of canceling a different job or decides that the user no more need that job to be

completed at that point of time and hence cancels the job.

Why should a cancelled job be retrieved? In the above said situations, if user wishes to complete

that cancelled job, then the user must trigger the job again, which is a rework for them. To handle

such situations and to provide good user experience the current idea proposes to store the

cancelled jobs for a defined threshold time and dispose them automatically post threshold time.

During this time, user will be able to retrieve the cancelled job and add them back to the print

queue. For good user experience, usability & security, job retrieval option will be provided only

to the users who owns the cancelled job.

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