The present disclosure describes a client-server system for adaptively rendering news feeds on a social networking platform. The rendering is based on (a) server ranked content feed and (b) device metrics. Core services of a client device read the device metrics (radio signal strength, device temperature, CPU usage, available battery percentage, etc.,) and forward them to a feed render priority selector. The feed render priority selector computes a device ranked priority of different format of news feeds and returns the computed value to a feed render engine. Meanwhile, a front end of the client device sends a query to a social networking server. The query is generated as a result of activities of a user such as watching videos, liking posts, joining groups etc. The social networking server responds to the front end with a generate ranked feeds (referred to as a server ranked feed) based on a news feeds ranking algorithm. The render engine renders a final news feeds based on both the server ranked feed and the device ranked priority.

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Creative Commons License
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