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This disclosure relates to commercial press restart management

A method is disclosed to allow commercial press operators and managers to schedule the restart of a

commercial press during the off‐hours of use. This method includes a checklist that must be performed

and accepted to indemnify the press manufacturer of failures caused by lack of preparation or prerestart

setup. In a typical embodiment, the press user determines the press should be restarted before

work the next day (or wants to have it scheduled for every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday morning before

work). For the restart to occur, the operator must indicate the press will restart the following morning.

The press operator is asked to confirm the time of the restart, the substrate is installed (or not), and

what actions the device should take upon restart. If necessary, safety functions may result in the press

sending an audible notification at or just before the restart, to alert all people in the vicinity that the

press is restarting (to avoid suspect behavior of the press to the night crew, for example.). In such a

case, a flashing light, audible noise/alarm, and screen by‐pass may be displayed. If the screen by‐pass is

enabled, the restart will not occur. Such may be the case, when a press is in use overnight.

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