Identity of a person is multi-faceted. However the identities in IAM solutions typically include only the external facet like user’s name, age, designation, role, high school name, etc. This information is used for securely identifying the user, by prompting security questions like “What is your mother’s maiden name”, “What is the name of your pet” etc. as part of an Authentication method or the reset password option. However in this age of information oversharing, such data could be easily harvested from social media to impersonate the user. Hence we need a reliable user identification that is intuitive to the user but hard to spoof by others. The industry solution for this is to use biometrics. However biometric data is extremely sensitive as there is no way to reset if hacked. This invention addresses these shortcomings and provides a way to create a comprehensive user identity that is intuitive, cannot be stolen or impersonated and doesn’t require any additional equipment.

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Creative Commons License
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