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A plethora of copyright images and designs published today are subjected to unscrupulous usage and


For instance, professional photographers or a photo houses, fashion designers, etc publish images to be

printed on posters, calendars, cards or on large hoardings or on fabric. There could be digitally

reproduced artwork or 3D designs from jewelry, art pieces, to mechanical parts of various equipment.

In most of these cases, the professionals need to advertise their designs but at the same time prevent

their illegal use.

When copyright images are legally purchased, there is no system to track or control the number of

prints that have been taken or track the people who have produced the prints except for the legal

contract signed at the time of sale. Furthermore, there is no mechanism for all these publishers to

charge money based on the number of prints taken or products produced, or charge based on the

quality of images printed.

For example, 3D designs that are of sensitive nature, such as parts of arms and ammunitions or parts of

critical scientific equipment need to be secured and tracked.

This invention provides a complete solution to protect, control and track printing of copyrighted images

and designs or in other words, a solution that aids Digital‐Rights Management. It also provides a

mechanism to collect user data for business analytics using which Business establishments can drive

their business strategies, sales and marketing plans, advertisements and product promotions, etc.

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