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A flexible integrated system for management and maintenance of notes and lists is described. With user permission, notes and lists are stored by a central server, and can be updated using a variety of surfaces (e.g., virtual assistant) and providers (e.g., smartphone or desktop applications, browser-based interfaces, etc. A database coupled to the central server maintains a state of notes and lists associated with each user. Federated updates are utilized to keep the providers, surfaces, and the database in a synchronized state. A low-latency application program interface (API) is provided to enable two-way synchronization of lists and notes. Upon a change of state in the database, a notification that includes a token is provided through a publish/subscribe (pubsub) channel. The token can be utilized by the providers to access specific entries in the database. Updates at a provider’s end are transmitted to the central server using a direct API call. A mapped identifier between a provider and the central server is utilized to keep database entries synchronized.

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Creative Commons License
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