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One requirement for Airprint compatibility is that the printer “know” the size of the media loaded in the

input tray and that that information be reflected in the iOS device before sending a print job. Media size

may be determined in a number of ways. For instance, users may input media size using a user interface

(e.g., UI), such as by way of a control panel of the printer. However, printers without control panels

present a challenge. In such cases, therefore, it may become necessary to enable the auto detection of

media size. This paper proposes structures and methods to optimize a number of sensor to use for auto

detection of media size in the printer (which affects cost) to enable use of a FW algorithm to

differentiate between 4"x6" (102 mm x 152 mm) media with 4"x5" (102 mm x 127 mm) media (different

in length) to allow use of AirPrint.

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Creative Commons License
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