Techniques are described herein for using vehicle data for the creation of a seed number for cryptography generation in-car as a potential replacement for private keys. In this approach, each vehicle generates its keys by itself and is also able to rekey independently without the need for a central key generation system. Unlike vehicle keys today, which are generated centrally (mostly at manufacture time) and thus are exposed to a single source of failure if the key generator is compromised, the impact of a key compromise as described herein is isolated to one vehicle. Thus, whereas a threat today would compromising an entire fleet (e.g., millions) of vehicles, the threat of compromising an entire fleet is significantly minimized using techniques described herein as the scale of the problem now changes from attacking a single point of failure to having to break into multiple vehicles at the same time. With a tunable key refresh rate and independent rekeying, the scale of the problem is made many orders of magnitude more difficult for the attacker.

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Creative Commons License
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