Alex Powell


Features are described to apply visual patterns or designs to image features of an image. A pattern image depicts a pattern or design created by a user which is intended to be applied to an image feature such as a face. The pattern image is to be applied to modify an input image having detected features such as faces. For example, a face mask is determined that indicates which pixels in the input image are facial skin pixels that are suitable to receive application of the pattern. The pattern image is warped to fit a detected face, and blended pixel values are created for the facial region and provided in an output image by applying pattern image pixel values to the facial region. For example, pixel values derived from the pattern image can be blended, based on the associated face mask, with corresponding pixel values of the input image to create the output image having the blended pixel values. The resulting blended face provides a realistic match to the face in the original image. Using described techniques, patterns can be automatically, flexibly, and accurately applied to image features such as faces in target images without obscuring details of the modified image features, and preserving image noise, sharpness/focus, and other original properties of the image features.

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Creative Commons License
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