A hybrid answer set programming (ASP) solver is a logic programming type solver with a variety of applications, e.g., diagnosing software failures, modeling dynamical systems, etc. A hybrid ASP solver finds solutions for hybrid ASP programs, which are sets of hybrid ASP rules. Hybrid ASP rules include stationary rules with associated predicate algorithms and advancing rules with associated advancing algorithms. Solutions to hybrid ASP programs are found iteratively by starting with an initial state and producing consequent states. Part of computing a consequent state involves determination of the stationary rules that are applicable at the consequent state. This in turn involves evaluating predicate algorithms associated with the rules. This approach is inefficient, since it requires that all the predicate algorithms be evaluated in all the states.

The techniques of this disclosure avoid the inefficiency of evaluating predicate algorithms by adding auxiliary rules that enable intelligent guesses as to whether an algorithm will accept or reject, in turn enabling the continued evaluation of the rules without the evaluation of the algorithms.

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