Nazif Tas


A personalized audio/video streaming system can be used to synchronize an audio and a video of a content playing on separate devices by establishing an audio conference. The system receives a request for content associated with a content ID and a request to publish the audio of the content from a first device. The system, in turn, transmits the request with the associated content ID to a video server. The system receives the requested content and a stream ID from the video server and streams the requested content to the first device. The system further transmits the stream ID to an audio server. Further, the system establishes the requested audio conference on receiving a request to establish an audio conference and an audio ID, associated with the streamed content, from the audio server. Furthermore, the system receives a request, including the audio ID, to join the audio conference from a second device. Then, the system connects the second device to the audio conference.

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Creative Commons License
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