Mechanisms are provided for Performance Measurement (PM) Delay Measurement (DM) as well as Fault Detection (FD) for Traffic Engineering (TE) Segment Routing (SR) policies (applicable to both SR-MPLS and SRv6 data-planes) in Software Defined Networks (SDN). For an SR policy, end-to-end atomic paths are "dynamically" computed using adjacency SIDs (or prefix SIDs in some cases) of all its ECMP paths by the path computation process running locally or on a controller. Key of the atomic path based on IP address of each hop is used for Telemetry, histogram and Client notification. The PM probe messages (or FD messages) are injected for the SR policy where the packets are sent with each atomic path SID stacks. These packets are sent on all atomic paths of the SR policy in order to "deterministically" detect performance issues and faults where the atomic paths do not need to be installed in forwarding table. Additionally, these packets may be crafted by appending VNF function SIDs to steer them to a specific VNF. Controller then may update the segment-list of the SR policy in forwarding to prune degraded atomic paths.

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Creative Commons License
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