A system, method, and computer readable media for measuring end to end (e2e) latency in a video calling system is disclosed. The latency measuring system includes a video calling system having at least two user devices that may be connected over a network, one or more external cameras, a device producing luminescence and a computing device. The camera is placed in front of each of the user devices and is configured to record the video call in both the devices. The luminescence device may be turned on for a short moment during the recording of the video call. The system is configured to capture an original time, a self-view time and a remote time and to calculate the e2e and the e2s latency to support matching each frame. The method allows evolution of the e2e and e2s latencies on a per-frame basis, thereby providing better statistics of video call quality.

KEYWORDS: video calling, latency measuring system, frame rate, image processing, QR code, end to end latency, e2e, self-view latency, e2s.

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