A lightfield video is a series of lightfield stills, which include a number of reference views and residual data describing differences between the reference views and various viewpoints. The set of reference views or images, though different enough to provide the required basis for predicting intermediate views in the dataset, are correlated enough to approximate a traditional video stream. Additionally, reference images from a single time point may be compressed as a collage of smaller images that make up a single frame of a traditional video. Temporal correlation between reference images at successive time points is exploited, similar to standard two-dimensional video, and reference images for a given frame are tied together by virtue of being part of a same two-dimensional video frame. The sequence of reference images can be treated as frames in a video, allowing the use of non-proprietary codecs on commodity hardware at times of decoding. Thus, at runtime, a video display system relying on the lightfield system can access the original data in a time and power efficient manner using common hardware and compression techniques.

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