Fitting eyewear with display optics to a user’s head can be problematic because lenses of the eyewear are typically not on hand during product development. This can cause problems with alignment of eyeboxes of the lenses when the user wears the eyewear with finished display optics. Generally, the eyebox of a lens or display optic is a volume within the lens such that parameters of image quality criteria is met. For example, if the eyeboxes of the lenses do not align correctly with the user’s eyes, then the eyewear does not fit or align with the user’s head. Incorrect alignment can cause degraded image quality, dimming, and/or clipping of corners of a displayed image of the eyewear, and may cause an unsatisfactory and unpleasant experience for the user. This problem of alignment may also occur with respect to progressive prescription lenses. Accordingly, techniques to build an eyebox simulator and check as-worn alignment of eyewear with display optics or prescription lenses (e.g., progressive lenses) are provided.

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