Due to reasons of security, mobile device operating systems generally allow the camera buffer to be written only by the camera - the camera buffer cannot be filled with mock frames. Due to write-restrictions on the camera buffer, e.g., technical infeasibility of feeding arbitrary, repeatable frame sequences to the camera buffer, apps that utilize device cameras such as photography apps, computer vision apps, etc. are currently tested manually.

This disclosure presents a test framework to instrument and automatically conduct end-to-end testing of apps that use a mobile camera as an input source. Under the test framework, the mobile device is tested in the form of an emulator coupled to a test server. The test server provides a video file as camera input. An end-to-end test of the application can be written such that the app under test uses frames of the video file as input while leveraging the functions supported by standard test frameworks. The test is scripted and test results are logged such that the test covers different interactions within the app under test and generates informative records for each video file used to test the app.

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Creative Commons License
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