The present disclosure provides systems for supplying high shear starch to a gypsum board machine and methods of manufacturing gypsum board using high shear starch. These systems and methods may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of starch utilized as a gypsum core binder and may further improve the core qualities of wallboard.

All or a portion of the starch used in the gypsum board manufacturing process may be high shear starch. The starch may be sheared continuously and fed to the slurry in the pin mixer. The high shear starch may be produced by feeding desired amounts of dry starch, water (of various temperatures up to 180 °F) and any additives that may be desirable through an Axiflow pump (twin screw pump) and then passing this blend of starch, water and additive mix through a high shear pump. This high shear starch may then be fed to a pin mixer directly or through gauging water.

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