Software application developers seek user feedback about their apps. In particular, app developers are interested in learning why users stop using their apps. However, if a user leaves, e.g., uninstalls an app, it is difficult to bring such users back to the app, even for the purposes of feedback.

With user permission, the techniques of this disclosure use an identity service provider to associate a user with an app. After a user leaves an app, an ad network is utilized to reach the user via other apps to obtain user feedback regarding the uninstalled app via a feedback form. User incentives to provide feedback can be provided, e.g., by offering an in-app reward, where the reward is paid into the app from which the user provides feedback. App developers and users benefit from this setup, by being able to provide and obtain feedback, and by receiving rewards. The identity service provider assists the ad network by having more users log in, to enable the ad network to fill ad inventory with ads that are relevant to the user.

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Creative Commons License
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