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A testing line in a factory comprises equipment that tests the stream of consumer devices-under-test (DUTs) that come down a line. The equipment needs periodic, e.g., daily, calibration to ensure that measurements produced by the equipment are accurate. Calibration of test equipment is done using reference devices, known as golden units. Golden units are expensive and are rated only for a limited number of calibration cycles. Golden units wear away relatively rapidly and need frequent replacement, a significant expense at a large factory.

This disclosure presents techniques that enable periodic calibration of test equipment using the very devices undergoing test. A golden station, which is maintained for reliable and accurate measurement, is introduced and kept separate from testing lines. Production DUTs that have undergone testing along the testing line are randomly picked and reverified at the golden station. Measurement differences between testing line and golden stations are traced to mis-calibrated testing-line equipment. The wear-and-tear, expense, and burden of maintenance and replacement associated with golden units is thereby reduced or eliminated.

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