Anna Galusza


System and method are disclosed to connect a switch or set of switches to a device through its microphone input stream for use with an accessibility service. Each switch is provided with a different resistance and this allows mobile devices to recognize the different switches connected to the microphone input stream. To make the switches used in the inline microphone customizable, an adapter is provided that allows multiple switches to the maximum number of media buttons supported by the mobile device. On certain devices, an application can differentiate between different switch inputs by registering a BroadcastReceiver in the manifest with the intent filter for ACTION_MEDIA_BUTTON. The BroadcastReceiver then checks which key was pressed by checking the KeyEvent extra EXTRA_KEY_EVENT and responds accordingly. The disclosed system and method allows users to have their device plugged into the power source for charging, while simultaneously having a reliable alternative wired connection for accessibility.

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Creative Commons License
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