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This invention is helpful to servicing personnel, manufacturing personnel or R&D personnel who are

trying to find the root cause of a system shutdown when traced to a particular power supply with a

blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, the cause of which could have been (1) an output load

overcurrent condition or (2) an input overvoltage input condition that activated the internal crowbar

circuit which shorted the input or output to protect the load, and this invention solves the ambiguity

with an added LED and associated circuitry to indicate that it was the crowbar activation that caused to

fault when the LED is lit. The LED will stay lit until manually serviced by replacing or resetting a separate

fusing device, so the problem may be found and acknowledged. A software or firmware action would

probably never be expected to reset the memorised overvoltage indication but a digital port might

monitor the state of the LED for software diagnostic schemes.

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Creative Commons License
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