Techniques set forth herein are related to on-demand dynamic requests for multi-factor authentication (“MFA”) challenges, such as two factor authentication (“2FA”) challenges. The MFA challenges can be selectively provided to a user in response to an interaction of the user with an automated assistant. In some instances, an MFA challenge is selectively provided by an automated assistant in response to a user interaction, with the automated assistant, that is an attempt to control a smart device of a third party, an attempt to transact with a third party, or other attempted interaction with a third party. In some of those instances, the automated assistant submits a corresponding request to a third party computer system of the third party, and the third party computer system dictates whether the MFA challenge is to be provided. For example, the third party computer system can either implement the corresponding request without requesting MFA, or can respond to the corresponding request with a request for the automated assistant to provide a MFA challenge (in which case the corresponding request will not be implemented unless an appropriate response to the MFA challenge is received).

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Creative Commons License
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