Visitors to publisher websites have generally come to regard publisher content and services as free. Consequently, revenues from advertising account for the majority of publishers’ revenues. In ad-supported free access to information, there is an implicit value transfer to users, which users do not always realize. Users take actions such as installing of ad-blockers, tracking preventers, etc. that can diminish revenue to publishers.

This disclosure presents techniques that make the value transfer more apparent by rewarding users who participate in the ad ecosystem, e.g., by completing ad surveys; by opting in for personalized ads; by sharing ads; by making purchases after viewing an ad; etc. Per the techniques, ad points accumulate across multiple devices associated with a user. Ad points may be used in several ways, e.g., to access publisher content, etc. By incentivizing users, advertisers can target appropriate audiences more accurately. The techniques allow discovery of a sweet spot between user privacy and personalization of ads.

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Creative Commons License
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