Advertisement-based revenue generated from content, e.g., videos, hosted on content-sharing sites is typically shared between the content-creator and the content-hosting site based on click-through rates, number of ad impressions, etc. However, user-generated content is of varying quality, e.g., different content items enjoy different levels of viewer attention. A user that watches an advertisement that precedes a video often does not know if the video they are about to watch is the one they’re looking for. This disclosure addresses this problem by quantifying the value that content items bring to their viewer. The creator is paid based on the assessed value. For example, the value of a video may be based partially on the time a user spends viewing it, excluding time spent watching the ad. Basing payments to content creators on content value motivates creators to improve quality of their videos. Content quality also feeds into recommendation engines such that end-users are provided with higher quality of recommendations and search results.

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Creative Commons License
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