Jonathan Gonzalez


A message adaptation system is used for improving communications and human interactions. The message adaptation system adapts a message in such a way that the message generated by a first user is completely understood by the receiver of the message. The message can be an email message, a text message, a chat message etc. The system receives the message generated by the first user. The system processes the message to identify an objective description from the message and the associated subjective characteristics. The objective description of the message can be defined as the content of the message. On the other hand, the subjective characteristics associated with the message can be defined as the emotions, feelings, moods, etc. associated with the message. The system determines a normalized score for one or more subjective characteristics of the message and generates a revised message that includes the objective description and reflects the subjective characteristics specifically adapted in such a way that a second user is able to exactly get the information, tone, and feeling contained on the message. Subsequently, the message adaptation system transmits the revised message to the second user.

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Creative Commons License
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