Methods and systems, including computer programs, for a real-time bidding system that includes “don’t submit” information in a real-time bid request that is sent to bidders. The “don’t submit” information tells the bidders to not submit bids for specified creative identifiers (IDs) based on an analysis by the system as to the likelihood that the creatives having those IDs will be filtered out. The system supplies real-time, or near real-time, information identifying certain creatives that are highly likely to be rejected to the bidders if provided as a response to a bid request. The system prevents submission of bids for creatives that will ultimately be filtered out. This prevention preserves computing bandwidth and limits the number of submissions that the system has to process for any given auction. The system reduces bid filtering in real-time for an ad exchange accessed by third-party bidders and exchange bidders. As a result, the described system and techniques can be used to increase auction pressure, increase publisher revenue, and increase revenue share for proprietors of ad exchanges.

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