Mobile device applications and operating systems offer a data-saving option such that online content that is believed to be unchanged since last load is not reloaded. However, this sometimes leads to a situation where online content that has actually changed is not reloaded or that stale content is reloaded. The misdetection of fresh content as stale or vice-versa occurs due to the heuristics that are used by the data-saving algorithms of the application/ OS, due to misconfigured servers, etc.

This disclosure presents machine-learning techniques that determine if a web page or a portion thereof is to be reloaded. The techniques use various contextual signals, as permitted by the user, to make the reload decision, e.g., the content to be reloaded; surrounding content; their metadata and positions on a web-page; user interaction and behavior with the website; previously loaded content; etc. The techniques enable data-saving techniques that are robust and tailored to both user and website.

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Creative Commons License
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