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Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printheads are a core technology for some printing businesses, and are

used both in large format printers and 3D printers. TIJ printheads work by applying energy

in the form of heat to a fluid, producing a bubble that grows, ejecting a drop. Part of this

heat is removed from the printhead as it travels with the drop ejected, but some of the heat

remains in the printhead. If the job to be printed has a high printing density, the amount of

heat that is generated and accumulated in the printhead is high. This effect is accentuated

if the firing takes place in a highly demanding environment as a 3D printer. Under these

conditions, the amount of heat that is generated is a hard limitation to the printing speed,

as well as to the breadth of materials that can be fused in the printer. In this document, a

solution to reduce the amount of residual heat accumulated in the printhead is presented.

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