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In the fast pace of technological innovation, Printer is an endlessly evolving product which is experiencing new

innovations and will keep continue to experience in the future. With consumers are becoming more aware of new

technology, the need of new and smarter ways of Printing, Digital Send and Authentication using new technology

will probably be one of the mainstays for innovation in the world of printers. For printing sectors innovative

printing and Digital Send is to stay productive and competitive whereas innovative security authentication is a

must to protect the data from unauthorized access. New ways of Printing, Digital Send and Authentication should

focus helping consumer work faster, smarter, more flexibly and more importantly securely and all achieving these

while saving its valuable time and money.

This idea focuses on providing a new and innovative method of Printing, Digital Send services and Authentication

to customer using screen casting technology. Screen cast has been a known and widely accepted technology for

wireless connections from devices (phone, laptop etc.) to monitors, TV’s screens. The idea is to use printer’s Front

Panel as a cast device and seamlessly use print, authentication and digital send features from mobile devices.

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Creative Commons License
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