Rather than requiring a user to mute notifications across multiple devices associated with the user, a user may be able to simply mute notifications on a wearable computing device, such as a watch, and the wearable computing device may automatically and without requiring additional user input, mute notifications on some or all of the user’s other devices. That is, a wearable computing device may mute, silence, block, or otherwise limit notifications on computing devices that are associated with the same user as the wearable computing device. In some instances (e.g., an emergency situation), it may be important for another user to still reach the user even though the user has effectively turned off notifications across all of the user’s devices. In such instances, the other user may send a specially configured message (e.g., including special characters, code word(s), or other information) or repeated messages to the user and the notification system will still notify the user despite notifications being disabled.

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Creative Commons License
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