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Modern Printers provide myriad finishing options such as duplex, punch and staple etc. for a printed document.

Typically, the printer driver residing on the print client provides convenience for the user to provide only the IP

address/hostname of a printer to connect to it. This convenience comes with challenges such as when a user intends

to print duplex but has an installed printer that doesn’t support automatic duplex mode. This might force user to

manually re‐enter the page printed on one‐side to the printer’ input tray to get the other side printed as well. At the

same time, the printer might have other neighboring printers which support automatic duplex printing without

needing manual user‐intervention but there is no convenient way for user to make use of them.

This paper proposes a solution to the problem by enabling Printer to Printer communication using Wi‐Fi.

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Creative Commons License
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