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During the printing of a 2D plot or 3D part it is of utmost importance to keep the nozzles of the printheads as clean

as possible. One of the techniques used to clean the printheads while printing is by means of the use of a web

wipe. A web wipe consists of a mechanism holding a cleaning roll of cloth that is pressed against the printheads

by a rubber blade while the carriage is passing on along. The wiper is able to move up (engage) and down

(disengage) the rubber blade so as to wipe or not wipe the printheads as the carriage passes on. After a wipe, the

cleaning roll is advanced in order to have clean cloth on top of the rubber blade prepared for the next wiping. To

perform a proper wiping and cleaning of the printheads, the wiper engage height must be previously calibrated so

that the rubber blade is having the required interference against the printhead to ensure the proper wiping

pressure of the cloth on the nozzle plate. Ensuring the wiper engage height is correct while printing is critical to

ensure the best performance of the printheads and the quality of the printed image or part.

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