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This disclosure is for an output bin design that utilizes a contoured shape which eliminates user

interaction while optimizing clean sheet‐to‐sheet alignment of ejected printed pages (stacking) of A3‐

supported media sizes. The contoured design has a four‐part shape comprised of an initial inclined

slope rising to an inflection point, then a declining slope preceding an inclined "tail". Neat stacking is an

important user requirement that is often satisfied with the addition of an active, user‐adjusted barrier

(backstop) that stops the travel of ejected media. Active backstops require user interaction to be set to

the appropriate distance based on media size. Improper size adjustment can result in curled pages,

large offsets, ejection jams, or other unsatisfactory stacking performance. Conversely, not using any

backstop can result in media being pushed out onto the floor due to page‐to‐page friction and pushing

(snowplowing), and high variability in stack neatness due to sheets being offset and twisted relative to

each other.

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Creative Commons License
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