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Some of the challenges facing the commercial notebook education market are that students have

difficulties focusing in class, find technology dull or boring, and are less inclined to use a PC. This paper

disclosing a simple mechanic that can be used to maintain focus, channel creativity, and make the PC

more engaging to a younger audience. Research has proven that “fidget” toys actually increase focus

and concentration, as well as channel productivity (hence why they are often used as stimuli in ideation

sessions). This invention involves using a capacitive touch surface to make the C‐deck of a notebook an

interaction, illuminated experience, and game. The interactions are simple enough to not be intense or

distracting like a full game, but engaging enough that students are stimulated. The interaction is neither

loud, bright, or visually distracting to surrounding users. Everything can be controlled and managed by

the teacher though.

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Creative Commons License
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