An application management system is described that dynamically generates and disseminates application executables based on device information of a computing device requesting installation of the application. Using application bundles that include the resources required to execute the application on all of the supported devices, the application management system determines the portion of the resources included in the application bundle that are required to execute the application at the particular device that is requesting the application and dynamically generates the application executable using only the required resources. In some examples, each application may be broken into a number of modules that each provide a portion of the all of the possible features of the application. In such examples, in response to receiving a request for the initial installation of the application, the application management system may generate the executable binary for the application that includes only the module that provides the core functionality of the application. If the user of the device later attempts to use additional features of the application not enabled by the core module, the application management system may dynamically generate a package that includes the requested functionality such that the package only includes the resources required to provide the requested functionality at the particular device.

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Creative Commons License
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