UNIX/Linux being the most preferred enterprise operating platform, provides state-of-art compiler and developer tool chain for almost all programming languages. And so far, has greatly helped enterprise application developers to optimize their applications for their specific workloads, through various set of options and tunables.

However, the solution is still partial, as only the application is optimized for the workload. The Operating System and other components of the platform, though allows tuning and customization, is common for all. Hence each and every application and workload being characteristically different, cannot benefit much from such operating platforms.

Here we propose a unique innovative solution that provides an Operating Platform completely optimized for a specific enterprise application and workload. The solution is in the form of a cloud based Content Delivery Network (CDN) which internally uses machine learning algorithms to intelligently exercise Profile Based Optimization (PBO)[2] and Runtime Architecture Diagnostics (RTADIAG)[1], and then deliver workload optimized operating platform.

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Creative Commons License
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